Gender Summit 6 will be held at the Plaza Hotel in Seoul, Korea during August 26-29, 2015, which focuses on “the quality research and innovation through equality”.  It aims at making gender equality the norm in science and embedding gender as a primary dimension of research and innovation quality. We, WIP in AAPPS, hope to bring the theme of the Gender summit 6 into our physics community to achieve woman-friendly environments in physics and to make the creative contributions through diversity.

It is our great pleasure to invite you to attend AAPPS_WIP Workshop 2015.


The workshop will consist of talks on gender innovation issues in Physics. It is also dedicated to the presentation and discussion of the latest developments and ideas in the status of woman physicists in Asian pacific countries.

If you are interested in giving an oral presentation, please contact the following address:

If you need a financial aid, please contact the above address with the detailed financial information you are in. We have very limited fund and plan to support in a basis of country’s economic situation. Financial support will be arranged on the basis of local expense except for special cases.


Organizing Committee: 

  • AAPPS Working Group on Women in Physics 

  • Chair, Youngah Park (Myongji University) 


  • AAPPS (Association of Asia Pacific Physical Societies ) 


  • KPS(Korean Physical Society)

  • APCTP (Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics)

  • KISTEP (Korean Institute of S&T Evaluation and Planning)