Inha-Grenoble “Heavy-flavour & heavy-flavour tagged jet analysis” workshop


The “Heavy-flavour tagged jet analysis” workshop will take place at Inha university in South Korea during December 4-7, 2018. This workshop is supported by FKPPL and a grant from National Research Foundation of Korea. We would like to focus on discussing the status of charm- and beauty-tagged jet analysis in high energy heavy-ion collisions, and setting up a concrete work flow to get physics results.

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  • Eunji Cheon
  • Heejin Kim
  • Hoyeon Won
  • hyuckmin kim
  • Jin Joo Seo
  • Jin-Hee Yoon
  • Jiyeon Kwon
  • Jonghan Park
  • Kihoon Hong
  • Namyong Kim
  • Rachid Guernane
  • Shingo Sakai
  • Soyeon Cho